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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Prospecingt gold claims in Black Hills of South Dakota

November 7, 2010

            We have a crazy week ahead!  Bob had minor surgery on Monday and is on the road to recovery.
            We’re encouraging family and friends to grab a placer or lode claim before they get claimed up! 
            First, we want to discuss gold claims in the Black Hills.  Most of the major gold producing drainages (placer) have been claimed by both local and out-of-state prospectors.  One internet site selling claims cites Spring Creek, Palmer Creek, Castle Creek and Rapid Creek as documented sources of gold-bearing gravel in Pennington County, S.D.  That is true, but is such a gross general statement that leaves so much unsaid!  We personally have several exceptional placer claims, one on Rapid Creek, all of which can show gold in every pan.  We chose them for a combination of reasons… historically documented discovery, NOT situated on private property, physically surveying the property for access, geological indications,  claim history and research for active claims and always, ALWAYS looking for new location certificates that haven’t been filed with the Bureau of Land Management.  Now we can find a promising spot and start looking for gold!
            So why so much “digging” for information before even dipping a pan in the creek?  It is the procedure outlined by law for discovery.  If this procedure is not followed, you’re probably claim jumping!  Every spring we get phone calls from friends and fellow claim holders, “You’ve got a claim jumper(s)!”  Or maybe we’re headed for one of our placer claims for an enjoyable day in the Black Hills when we encounter recent diggings or maybe even the guilty party – though they’ve usually heard us approaching and are scurrying for the brush to avoid us.  Now… let me think… guilt or ignorance?  Scurrying would indicate what? 
            Oh and by the way, not every area of Spring Creek, Rapid Creek, Palmer Creek and Castle Creek are good prospects, and a lot of private property not open to claim exists on these drainages.  It is also frivolous to claim seeing gold visible in a creek! We've been at this for a combination of  45 years and only in ideal circumstances at the ideal location will you see gold visible in a creek. But we digress... there are still numerous placer claims to be had which are relatively large producers, and they are not limited to a few choice drainages. There is a lot of historical information on other placer discoveries that is not highly publicized or readily available to the prospector.  Contact us at if you are interested in placer or lode claims.
Our second discussion is on lode mining.  There are a good percentage of people in the Black Hills who think Homestake Mining Company got all the gold!  Lode (minerals in place, often referred to as hard rock mining) claims are being overlooked as a great claim opportunity.  A large mining company coming into the area will “blanket” a section (640-acres) in anticipation of exploration for minerals.  We already see evidence of this occurring in several areas of the Black Hills.
Gold went up $45 in two days and continues its upward march.  If this trend continues as we expect, claim opportunities will diminish rapidly.  We much prefer to see individual claim holders reap the benefits of gold prices.  If a company is interested in an area, they have to negotiate with active claimholders.
Why do people rely on us and not just get their own claim?  All of the reasons we listed above for finding a claim – we do it the right way, in the right sequence of events, with bona fide discovery on each claim we present.
We currently have 14 placer and lode claims.  We will, within the next month, obtain another 6 claims to maximize our holdings allowed by BLM to maintain our small miner status.  All of this research shouldn’t go to waste!  One friend has two claims we secured for him plus being a partner on a large placer claim, and is looking at up to 6 potential claims… others local and out-of-state have recently procured a 120-acre placer claim that we found for them and are looking for any lode prospects we might provide them.  Don’t miss out; don’t kick yourself when a mining company claims it before you do!

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