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Monday, November 1, 2010

Digging for gold

Weather permitting, we're out there!  The snow has arrived, but there are still days when the temperature reaches the 40s and 50s, which drives us out of the house to explore!  Each week we blog about something new, whether it's our current expedition or information we think is worth sharing.

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Every chance we get we're in the Black Hills.  Maybe we're at one of our placer or lode claims; maybe Bob has discovered a new prospect (oh if we only had the time for all his new prospects); maybe we just needed to get out and enjoy the weather!

We'll be exploring gold and ghost mines of the Black Hills, South Dakota.  If we can't get on the trails, we'll recap some of the Black Hills almost forgotten history on miners and mining.

Tell us what your think... suggest a topic you might want discussed!  We value your comments!


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  2. I havent been to rapid creek yet, but here the gold can be found throughout the creek. Is this true? We are from rock rapids Iowa and plan to do some prospecting in rapid creek. can someone tell me the best place to go and how to get there?

  3. Rapid Creek is one of many gold-bearing creeks in the Black Hills. Gold deposits vary with terrain, overburden, etc., so do not assume that all parts of any creek will produce gold. The better-know creeks also have private property and/or existing claims, and prospecting them is trespass and/or mineral trespass. A Forest Service map of the Black Hills will help you reach your destination... Rapid Creek runs from above Rochford east toward Rapid City. We believe there is a G.P.A.A. claim to be accessed in the Rochford region, which would well justify membership in that association. We also offer prospecting tours, and do have an existing claim on Rapid Creek. Contact us through our website http:/ for more info!

  4. great blog cant wait to read every inch of it. i want to go to find gold so bad ive been researching for 4 years on it, ive purchased a sluice box, pans, classifiers, books, the works but yet have found me a place to go and fulfill my dream. ive got maps of the black hills but cant seem to find out where the claims are located and since i live in WI i cant go look. but i will not give up. im planing a trip to go mining this spring but i dont wanna claim jump, wish there was a map to show me where claims are located, is there? or is it worth it to buy one instead, cause i will do whatever it takes and i will not give up on my dream, ive paned in creeks in WI knowing theres no gold but just for fun. if someone could point me in the right direction to go sluicing and/or even to purchase a claim. that would be great im 25 and dont mind to hike wherever i need to get the job done. thanx

  5. stay away from the gloryhunter mine.